Is your CRM solution where it should be? Consider the following questions about your current CRM solution.


Are your Lifecycle Communications AUTOMATED?

All of your customers and prospects can be plotted somewhere along a customer lifecycle line. On that line are active, returning customers, a certain percentage that have disengaged, and still others that aren't even your customers yet. Are you communicating to each individual with an appropriate message, offer, and timing based on where they are on the customer lifecycle line? Are you speaking to prospects in a distinct voice from that which you employ for your most profitable customers, or even to those customers you haven't heard from in a while? Specific customer lifecycle messaging should be the foundation of your communication strategy and is a core competency at SKG Direct Marketing.


Is your current Marketing Strategy ANALYTICS BASED?

Do you have more customer data than you know what do with? When unaccustomed to working with data, the task can be daunting. With the help of technology, your marketing tactics can and should be highly personalized. They should also be based on what really works. SKG Direct Marketing can tell in real time, if your tactics are working or not and be nimble enough to make adjustments very quickly. We plan for and evaluate success before a campaign even launches.


Do you have a fully CONSOLIDATED DATABASE?

Do you really know who your customer is? Did you know that the John Smith that stayed at your hotel last year is the same one that plays at your casino every week and whose wife visits your spa on a monthly basis? An all-too-common challenge is that disparate databases don't talk to each other; so, companies never get an accurate view of their customers. Businesses with successful CRM have integrated databases.


Are you OPTIMALLY SEGMENTING your database and customer profiles?

Ask your creative team or agency, "When you design a piece, which customers are you targeting?" The likely answer will be, "All of them." But does that really make sense? Once you understand some details about your individual customers, you can intelligently group them to engage more relevantly AND determine how best to spend your marketing dollar. Segmentation has a direct positive impact on response. There are a myriad of ways to segment your customers, and we'll help you find the most effective.


Are you employing a MULTI-CHANNEL COMMUNICATIONS strategy?

Do you need to send emails? We've got you covered. Text Messages? No problem. Variable printing and mailing? We're the best in the business. The real question is: are you using all of these channels in a choreographed manner with each other? Regardless of the channel, we provide everything you need to send the right message to the right customer at the right time. Whether you are sending 100 VIP letters or one million personalized emails, we've got you covered.


Are you constantly enriching your database through SURVEYS?

We are experts at asking your customers the right questions, the right way, for the best responses. This goes well beyond satisfaction surveys; we'll help you understand where opportunity lies and put your marketing spend where you will see the best returns. We'll then reintegrate the survey results to the customer profiles adding further dimension to their profiles.


Is your CREATIVE DIRECTION streamlined and optimized to save costs?

We keep cost (including printing and mailing) in mind when producing anything for our clients and ensure brand standards across all media including print, TV, web, email and direct mail. No wonder some of the most famous global brands have chosen SK+G to show their face to the world.


Are your RETENTION PROGRAMS AUTOMATED and as effective as they can be?

You've heard it before... "It's easier to keep a customer than get a new one." But today the fight for your customer's share of wallet is getting even fiercer. We'll create automated triggers that send email, direct mail or SMS based on data-supported business rules. We can communicate to your customers on a daily basis with messages and offers that are personalized and timed just for them. The best part is you won't ever have to even think about it.


Are your customer ACQUISITION PROGRAMS meeting growth goals?

Acquiring new customers is a challenge that has escalated exponentially due to the staggering number of products and services available in the market. We help create cost efficient means of reaching out to prospects, and because of what your data tells us about your current customers, we can specifically target prospects with similar profiles to your very best customers. You spend less on "casting your net" and achieve greater success.


Have you recently APPENDED your current customer database?

With customer data, we always want more and are always seeking a better more relevant understanding of your customers. We employ the best techniques available today to help enrich what you know about your customers. We partner with the leading companies in the industry to profile your customers using either hundreds of fields of information or predefined cohorts, or both. We can provide lots of insight from what kind of a car they drive to how much expendable income they have for their next vacation.


Does your LOYALTY PROGRAM drive incremental value?

Is your Loyalty Program really driving loyalty and better yet, is the loyalty you're working so hard for driving revenue? The reality is that the loyal customer may not always be the best customer. We help our clients develop loyalty programs that ultimately increase revenue. Where are your biggest challenges? Is it getting that one time customer to try you again? Is it getting that third time customer to purchase a fourth time? We'll find those thresholds for you, determine the most profitable patterns for your business and help you create programs that encourage long-term, profitable customer engagement.


Do you TRACK and MEASURE ROI of your Marketing Campaigns and then make changes based on results?

Today, marketers are held accountable for proving the effectiveness of their efforts. If they aren't, they should be. Our goal is to help your marketing team-whether it's one person or 100-become a profit center rather than a cost center. We help put together the most effective campaigns and track their effectiveness in real-time for ever greater ROI.


Do you have organization-wide buy-in to your CRM strategy?

Our team brings a wealth of knowledge and know-how from a wide range of industries. An effective CRM program shouldn't just center on the IT and marketing teams. Buy-in at every level of your organization is important for best results. We provide every level of operational consulting and help clients take a holistic view of their CRM initiatives as well as create employee training and internal and customer-facing processes to ensure the best possible results.


Does your current marketing REPORTING drive changes and improvement on a daily basis?

Not only do we help you clean up your data, create ROI-based marketing strategies, and deploy all communications-we provide real time reporting on the effectiveness of those communications. We create secure portals for our clients to access marketing and data-related reports, 24/7. We customize reports that help our clients' marketing teams, front-line employees and C-Level executives keep their finger on the pulse of the business.