Even large companies struggle to have a single view of their customers. Without consolidation of data, a company can't have an optimal one-to-one marketing strategy. We can consolidate your customers' various data points to create a single marketing database that gives a full view of each customer, their engagement and their lifetime value. We consult with our clients and can audit and improve their CRM processes to maximize ROI.

Multi-channel Communications

We set up automation that triggers the right message, at the right time, through the right channel. Our technologies allow our clients to send a personalized email (or direct mail or text message) and depending on the response or lack thereof, a postcard, text message or subsequent email can automatically trigger with the appropriate follow up. The number of intelligently automated triggers within any given campaign or customer lifecycle is limitless.

ROI Measurement

Marketing today is an intricate blend of art and science. We understand both. SK+G Direct Marketing monitors campaign engagement. Whether it's a response to an email, a Personalized URL or any other type of campaign, we measure and report on campaign performance indicators. We monitor everything from email open and click-through rates to campaign ROI based on predetermined costs. Our marketing analytics team dives into our clients' data to understand and discover patterns, trends and key points of interest that impact their bottom lines. Once there is a clear understanding of who the best customers are, we help our clients find more just like them. We go beyond just transactional or profile data to help our clients really understand their customers, and make them more profitable.