The Spotted Horse

The Spotted Horse Tavern & Dining Parlor was envisioned as a truly unique and eclectic place to gather and experience whimsical brand storytelling, strong identity development, graphic design and advertising along with a well-crafted menu. SK+G led the effort on all fronts.

The assignment

Boyd Gaming approached SK+G for our expertise in identity design and brand storytelling to help update and refresh a tired restaurant offering at their Evengeline Downs property. The goal was to meet early and often with the Boyd team and their interior design partners to collaborate and ideate against every facet and touchpoint of the restaurant experience, and then create an unforgettable restaurant experience.

In the early 1800s, a horse the likes of which had never been seen, strode into the hearts of Louisiana race fans. He wasn’t the quickest horse around. But, what he lacked in speed, he made up for in length. And in the end, he always seemed to win by a head. Astonishingly, he won every race he ever entered.

Then, as quickly as he came onto the scene, he vanished. Leaving nothing but a long legacy of victories and an uncanny appearance this day, has never been seen on the tracks again.

Print Ads




Once the client agreed to the name, idea and story, all visual language and identity started to come to life via logo, graphic design and advertising. Every detail and brand element reinforced the idea, creating an iconic and memorable restaurant experience.

Part of the branding approach was to imagine and program the tavern area as a slightly different experience to the main dining area. It became a little more masculine and became a destination in its own right.


For the Spotted Horse, we dove deep into brand creation from large scale programming to the most minute detail. All of this completes the experience, leaving patrons thirsting for more.



We love to push brands into further places, such as suggesting that The Spotted Horse create their own proprietary line of hot sauce to further engage the consumer with the brand story.



The result

The Spotted Horse became the go-to restaurant in the area. By defining the experience at all touchpoints, there was a sizable uptick in the number of patrons and food and beverage spend across the board. And word-of-mouth brought people from outlying areas to experience this one-of-a-kind dining destination.