Montage Resorts

Hotelier Alan Fuerstman collaborated with SK+G to create a new kind of hotel company - one that wasn't focused on becoming the biggest, but rather the best.

He spoke of hotels and resorts that would offer comfortably elegant settings true to their picturesque surroundings as well as provide a personalized level of service without the stuffiness and trappings of established resort brands. Among the many challenges faced by SK+G and Montage was introducing a new luxury hotel brand in an extremely competitive market and amidst a soft business travel economy. How could Montage differentiate itself from longtime, established luxury brands including Ritz-Carlton and St. Regis located just down the road in Laguna Niguel and Dana Point?

Direct Mail

The Situation

SK+G collaborated in crafting the Montage hospitality and residential brands as well as developing all materials for its properties in Laguna Beach, Beverly Hills, Deer Valley and Cabo San Lucas. Montage Laguna Beach charges some of the highest room rates of any resort in its competitive set. While successful in building strong repeat business, the resort began to experience a decrease in visits among past guests. We created an Automated Anniversary Marketing Program with right time, right message marketing. An automated email or direct mail was sent to past guests who had not stayed at Montage Laguna Beach within one year from their last stay (their anniversary).
The Situation

The program was comprised of an intricate set of automated business rules processed within the Montage Laguna Beach database. On a nightly basis, reservations made 11 months prior were queried. The system flagged guests who had not had a subsequent stay nor a future booking. Based on each guest's preferred communication mechanism, a personalized direct mail or email was immediately fulfilled.

Four versions of the SK+G designed direct mails and emails were symbolic of the season and the experience felt by the guest upon their last stay. For the next 60 days, SK+G's systems waited for the flagged guest to make a booking. If a guest booked within this period, revenues associated with the stay were credited with this program.

The campaign consisted of 4,200 direct mail pieces and 7,200 targeted emails. With a 9% conversion rate and an ROI of $552 for every dollar spent, the campaign drove over $3.6 million in revenue.


Direct Mail