We will prepare the travel route for customers to enjoy a good time with their families or partners, so that customers can feel the real journey of rich men.


Star King Group leading online gambling and offline group comprehensive enterprise in Asia, we provide diversified group services, create the spirit of “diversified innovation and positive initiative”, and create entertainment experience covering group, tourism, catering, tourism, and film and television for customers.BGE currently owns a legally registered online gaming group in the Philippines. All gaming activities are conducted in accordance with the Philippine government’s gaming treaties.In 2017, we obtained the authoritative international certification of GEOTRUST to ensure the fairness and justice of website activities. All member data are encrypted and processed to protect players’ privacy.In the increasingly hot online gambling market, we are constantly seeking for innovation and change, with a proud creative team to develop a variety of games. Providing customers with immediate, stimulating and considerate group products and high-quality services.

Why Us ?

Star King Group bets a large amount of manpower and resources on sports betting, which is professionally operated by top class players, providing complete matches, collocation and rich combination of playing methods for players who love sports.

Live video

all our employed dealers are required to receive rigorous international casino professional training and certification. When playing various casino games, all bets are based on the actions of the dealers, rather than the uninteresting computer probability default results. High-tech network broadcast technology can bring you more exciting experience in the casino.

In need of some play time? A luxury retreat? A decadent dinner? Turn every visit into rewards as a Member of The Star Club. You’ll earn Casino Dollars and Tier Points whenever you play, stay at one of our hotels, or dine at most restaurants and bars across our three world-class properties. You can then redeem your Casino Dollars for more of the things you love.

Don’t need time to download. • Simple and clear interface • Complete operation functions • The picture is exquisite and elegant. • The result of the game is fair, just and open.


We carefully select the itinerary for our clients.SKG special travel offers the most unique global tour for our customers, so that every customer can feel the best treatment. Special transportation from land, sea and air is provided to experience the most luxurious and unforgettable journey. Let customers feel different star - level tourism

SKG is dedicated to providing the best service to our customers and is committed to promoting our distinguished group experience to all parts of the world and let customers enjoy a different courtesy.We search for the essence of the beautiful scenery for customers, and the unlimited scenery for you to enjoy. You can also participate in the exclusive line of celebrities, and taste local characteristics of food. It will make you enjoy yourself so much as to forget to leave.

SKG luxury club

SKG has a large number of ten million luxury cars for customers to choose, and customers can choose according to their personal preferences. We will prepare the travel route for customers to enjoy a good time with their families or partners, so that customers can feel the real journey of rich men.

SKG formalonline game platform

Complete online game platform, international group information experts and market strategy experts, and the complete supervision mechanism and serious rules

SKG business philosophy

Good reputation, security and secure network environment In the competitive gaming market, SKG has always been the unanimous choice of many players, because the diversified group products make people linger. High quality service and SKG long-term good reputation have established a public reputation among the masses of players. In the spirit of non-stop service, it takes 24 hours a day to deal with the members of the money related matters with strict selection of customer service team. With a professional and cordial attitude to solve the various difficulties of the players for the site, game, we pay attention to every player and must make them feel at home! SKG rewards our members with a variety of discounts never seen before in the industry, which is definitely the wisest choice for players!

Secure, hidden network environment

Diversified group products

24 hours a day

Strictly selected customer service team